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Local Charities

Deeping st James Village

Deeping St James United Charities

There are many local charities which have been set up by benefactors over the years and most of these have been incorporated into the Deeping St James United Charities and administered by one body of trustees for over twenty years now. The charities' area of application is the Ecclesiastical Parish of Deeping St James, the same area as the Civil Parish.
Benefactions are available for help in sickness or other need, for education purposes (including book grants for students) and for public purposes.

Full details are available on the Charity Commission's website, and anyone wishing to enquire about availability of financial assistance should contact the Clerk to the Trustees:

Ms Julie Banks
The Institute
38 Church Street
Deeping St James
01778 344707 <>

The United Charities' own website is now online, with downloadable application forms.

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Deeping Men's Group

The Deeping Men's Group is a local organisation run by volunteers for the Deepings area community. We loan out wheelchairs and other medical aid equipment. This service is free of charge and open to all who live within the catchment area of the Deepings Health Centre.

Full details about the charity are available on the Charity Commission's website, and information about the work of the Men's Group is on their own website

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LIVES First Responders

A part of the Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service and operating in the Deepings area to provide rapid response to heart attack victims. A volunteer with defibrillator aims to be with the patient while the ambulance is still on its way, thereby saving vital seconds.

Funding is raised locally by numerous events during the year, and volunteers to provide the service are always sought. Full training is given.

Full details about the charity are available on the Charity Commission's website, and information about the work of the First Responders is on their own website.

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Red Cross


  • 1st Aid at events Ambulance at events
  • 1st Aid training 28 hrs
  • First Aid at work training 4 hrs
  • Save a life training 4 hrs

Charity number 220949

Head Office
9 Grovenor Cresent.
London SW1X 7EJ
Tel 020 7201 5041


Local Community Centre
Douglas Road
Market Deeping
Centre Contact Liz Waterland 01778 343722
Public Duties Officer Kevin Dixon 01778 345835

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