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Parish Council Meetings


The agenda for each meeting is published in advance on the noticeboard outside The Institute in Church Street, Deeping St James. Every reasonable effort will be made to publish it also on this web site as early as possible.

The minutes of each meeting are not public documents until they are approved by the following meeting, and may not be used to determine the collective mind and will of the Council. The Council has received advice that draft minutes should not be published. Approved minutes of preceding meetings will be posted as they are available.

Each meeting begins at 7.30pm with an open forum in which members of the public may speak. Once the council session itself begins, parishioners and others are welcome to stay and listen. The May meeting each year is the Annual Meeting at which officers and committees are elected.

Meeting Papers

  • Latest Agenda (You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to read this file, available here by free download)
  • Approved minutes of past meetings

    The Council now has a number of committees to ensure efficient working of the council on the community's behalf. Please see the list to the left, from where you may navigate to the papers for each committee if you wish.

  • Parish Council Meeting
    Parish Council Meeting
    Meeting in July 2012 photographed by Brian Barber

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